the day has come…

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im nervous.. for some funky reason. i dont know why and what made me nervous. whatever..

last night was great. went to a concert in pixburgh and after they finished playing and autographing shitzo.. we hung out at the backstage – thanks to jamie, anna and doris’ charms 🙂 we played fussball and they did illegal activity which i dont do anymore. im all done with this college craps actually. if its not because of jamie gonna ride by herself, i wouldnt have gone.. and doris will only go if i go. anyhoo, we played fussball, ate calamaries and played pool back there. i asked a lot of musician questions like – lyrics or music first and that kinda shit. we played pool a little (tad bit a lot actually) and surprisingly, i wooped their funky asses back there. it was great and nice to be in a top form esp when i was playing with artists. love seeing their ego triped.. and fall ;). the best thing was, i was being so humble all the way which i think i shouldnt have to but that made it even funnier tho. i won 4 out of 5 games and the table was literally mine!!

theyre called dumstaphunk from new orleans and supposedly rated number one funk band in the funk mecca of renew orleans. they were good but i was beat. so tired and still hungover from the night before. i had fun and enjoyed myself regardless coz im cool like that but im so easy to pleased. herms… but i think i can be needy too. idk. i’ll go fuck myself when i need to go fuck myself.

i cant wait to see her. gonna go home and clean and shit. im so excited, i might even get some baloons to welcome her. sheeeesh…  i can be so friggin gay sometimes. so hungry, need to eat before class. love to love!!

i seriously cant wait.. got hard on already.. how lar?


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