terrorist is terer

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so, kurang hajar.. what is kurang hajar? i havent heard of that expression in a while – like really really a while. i think the last time i heard somebody said that i was kurang hajar was when i tried to hit on my warden’s newly wed wife. yeah, that was kurang hajar. i also once spat on some one’s face – thats waaayyy kurang hajar. tsk tsk.. i guess i changed? maybe so.

so it was a cold cold ass day today. i woke up early and worked out and ran a little around the block and it was freezing to the point that my hot cocoa went cold in a matter of 30 minutes. i love chocolates and for this raya, im gonna have hershey bars and M&Ms and all that heavenly sweet stuff in my apartment. for a change, i wanna have skittles too. had some yesterday and i used to be in skittles diet – where i would eat nothing but skittles.

so, this weekend is homecoming and i had a whole different picture of it completely until last week. i saw something that made me think deeper and deeper into this realitiness and lameness of life and feelings. i wish adam would have listen to god and NOT fucking around and eat that apple. fucking cunt! *i take that back.


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