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under the influence 2

this is so hard. we were born naked, wet and hungry. then things got worst. im not sure how much longer i can stand. fuck that. i am standing and i WILL be.. standing?

so, i had finished 2 new paintings. they are alright. i like my matahari better. but who am i to judge. im funky harayz – thats who the fuck i am!

road to heaven        under the influence

the left one is called road to heaven and the other one is called under the influence. the second one is nicer if you take few steps back and look at it. below is the closeup of it. it didnt came out as pretty and of coz, i decide what to pain the moment i put the canvas on the tripod.

under the influence 3

under the influence


2 thoughts on “dog

  1. i like that road to heaven. i usually favor work like that. i see yr cell 🙂 . is the painting on the wall one of your works as well?

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