thanks don jon

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 this is for baby – thanks for the wake up call. i almost luper, i have a blog. gagagahh..

im so glad and thanks to don jon, is now mine. miiiineeeeeee!!!!! i hope to finish this short film and THEN move it there or think of what am i gonna do with the domain. its pretty funky and sexy – all in one. isnt that great? its extremely great!!

im actually doing a bunch of stuff… im swollen with my creative juices and just wait for the shit to be done. i just dont wanna jinx it here. whatever. lalalaa~~~

these are some of the most recent shit that i painted. not like anything is real…

the apple

so, this is a picture of an apple. you need to be 13 steps away from the painting and face 19.33 degrees south west. if u still cant see the apple, you can try squinching your left eye (if you’re right handed – vice versa) and blink your other eye three times. and if you’re still having trouble seeing it, try hold your breath for 3 seconds. you’re blind if you still cant see it.

apple side      apple side and top      shady sade

the picture of mushrooms and a black cat is cat is called shady sade. its doris’ cat and shes a bitch. i think in the cat world she might be the super sexy sophisticated pussy that play pigeon games with you. arrghhh. so, i gave that painting to doris and the apple to kyle. hope they like it.

bellow is my fav one. its called the message is if you’re human, ur smart enough to fake everything – from death to love. its pretty much inspired by the song fake plastic tree by radiohead.









3 thoughts on “thanks don jon

  1. hey harayz, ive been very busy and thats no excuse not to say hi i know but my laptop rosak so its currently at the butchers. your paintings are great! … love the cat one. and yeah, i must be blind. or not focusing enough ;p

  2. so are you like taking an art class or are you painting for theraputic purposes?? Either way I LOVE IT!!! TechnoLove is fucking awesome Funks…didnt know you had all that inside…if Is known I wouldve seriosly ravished you!!!

    p.s. there some private or PRIVY blog that asks me for some PRIVY password…what the hell is it?? its something like Episode II

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