secretly i wept

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yes, i do wept once in a while… (sorry for the negative entry. i read a blog online and it stirred my emotion and tickled my soft spot).

being so far away from home and not talking to (or seeing) my parents in years, i cry when i see pictures of motherless child trying to stay alive at the ongoing genocide in darfur. i shed tears when i hear about father carrying his lifeless child and brother picking up pieces of his sister’s bloody limbs, victims of the recent wars. i regretfully wept when i read about how some people are still dying of hunger and thirst – when i take my routine hour-shower and throw away leftover foods sometimes. i know it is sad sad sad….

but people die everyday. death is natural but why am i sad? maybe they are at a better place then this shithole that we are living in. will we ever see world in peace and harmony and happiness with no poverty, hunger and crime? the answer is… YES!! in our dreams or in the SIMS <– the game. (hehe, ive never played this game but im pretty sure you can build a peaceful world with it 🙂 .

ps: i didnt take any pictures from the previous party. it was great and im proud of the crowd. i swear it was one of the best parties ive ever had (the best would be when i used to live on 4th street where we had a full capacity of hundreds and the house couldnt fit anymore soul in it).


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