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today i had the chance to do business with my indian connection and hopefully stuff falls through with these deals that i just made. and hopefully friends aussie will get back to me on the whatevers that we had discussed. damn, i have so much hope nowadays – but i guess, we all have hope and dreams.. we walk everyday – hoping that we would step on a solid ground. we eat with hope that it would fill us up and we drink with hope that it quenches our thirst. whatever man..

so the word of the week is p r i v y. yes it means private, secret, admitting to a secret and a toilet. how cool is that?!?! also, i just learned a new word today but it didnt make it to the “word of the day” pool. its prasad which means, when hindu people go to the temple after praying the priest at the doors of the altar would give the people in return an offerin from god.. for example, pot is a prasad from lord shiva himself. cool stuff..

i was talking to keh win earlier and we had a constructive conversations about music, life and privy. he was the one who enlightened me to the fab word and before he went to bed, i bid him goodbye by saying – peace out girl scout. this great friend of mine replied – “you must die for that insult one day”. i laughed my ass off and i found that to be super funny.

its so nice out and i had went out and played my guitar while eating meggi mee today. now im back inside talking to friends and getting things done. i promise that one day i will set my foot in india and my life is not complete until that day comes..


One thought on “word of the week

  1. what kind of business are you trying to get goin? Ive got all sorts of ideas swarming my head but dont even know where to start or what direction to go…

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