polkadots monday

CaseOfMondays, Comform, Friends, FunTimes, Karma, Life, love, MindRamblings, MindWandering, NotInTheMood, TrueStory, Weekend

polka dots – probably best explain my mood right now. on saturday, i was 100% recovered from my demam and now my sore-fuckin-throat came back. not cool. anyhoo, i had a great weekend. sean kendle and chris came to visit for the weekend. went bezerk over at the cage and had fun fun fun on unity day – saturday. i had food from 9 different countries on my single plate and it was great. funky harayz was supposed to perform but he had to entertain his guests from pixburgh and being a great host he is, funky harayz had to abandoned his road to fame and chill with the buds.


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