remember that i love you

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last night, after coming back from the brown (we played and the crowd cheers – yaay), i saw the movie i am sam and cried like a baby – kinda. what a sad and inspiring movie i have to say. i heard about it so many times but i wouldnt have expected that it was such a great movie. ahh.. i cant wait to see into the wild..

catched up with naz yesterday. i feel homesick. maybe its time for me to go home for a bit. i miss my sisters and my brother and my parents and i would love to have a look at our new house. my family moved into a new house in kota roundabout. i used to hate that place and i thought everybody there was such a stuck up, but i know that i was just making that up in my sick head. maybe because i was from subang and we pride ourself for that. time flies, people change – grow old and wiser. i wanna make some changes. you kids watch out, uncle funk is coming to your way!


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