shady lady

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i just got back from the windy city – chicaville, chictown, chiafuckin’go, monday morning and all in all twas ok. it wasnt my first trip and i am now confident that its not as great as i thought it would and should be. before this, i thought maaayyyyybe i didnt know where the action was or maybe i was not at the right place, but now i know for fact that its pretty lame, plain and expensive. drinks are more expensive then nyc. bleh. of course there were art galeries, sears tower, clubs, parks, metro, cool peeps, etc, but i really wasnt feeling it. i walked passed art galleries but it seemed pretentious to me, the sears tower was fun and all but we spent more time standing in line going through the security measures then the observation deck itself. the federal reserve was pretty productive though but i guess i was expecting chicago to be comparable to nyc downtown scene – cbgb, soho, cafe wha, union sq, st mark’s pl, etc, but i guess i should have known better. expectation = dissapointment.

recently i was enlightened of trick’s new tricks. most girls that i know always try to keep their classy class and most of them usually (i really mean usually – 97%) can afford their own drinks and its completely fine that most of them do take up offer from guys to buy them rounds. anyhoo, this gal that i know is pretty interesting. she brag about her tactics on how to get free drinks and food. i think shes pretty  much like a scam artist. pretty much remind me of ashley friggin sholder.

tactic #1: according to a source close to her, she would go up to the bar and get a cup of ice water and would just chill at the bar by herself. guys who try to fight their way in to get drinks would see her by herself and while waiting for the bartender’s attention, they would chat her up and offer to buy her a drink. guy: “hey, what are you drinking? let me get you the next round”, she: “aww, you’re so sweet. i’m drinking grey goose and seven up, thank you”.

tactic #2: this is purely my assumption and i would not be surprised if she would purposely bump into some guys and spill her own drink (water) on herself a little. after that she would or could demand a new round.

tactic #3: this girl lives with jamie. janyl (jamie’s buddy buddy) always come over with stuff to cook. jamie and janyl sometimes would cook something for themselves and this gal would come over and say, “this is not how you do it”, took over the stove and cook. although she cant cook, the food usually turn up edible but not like what jamie and janyl (who bought the ingredients and isnt all that close to her) had wanted. nevertheless, she would feel like she had contributed and helped herself although she was not even all that close to the other 2 girls. pretty wierd.

tactic #3: this is pretty shady. she would try to find out who has a tab open and would just go help herself on other people’s tab. she did this to janyl’s sister when she came into town. she was jamie’s estranged room mate and therefore, janyl’s sister > janyl > jamie > her. talk abt no shame. urgh, i hate shady peeps.

i cant beleive i know someone who does all this shit. we hung out and partied a coupla times. she is not all that bad looking but she smells and her room was a mess. since the beginning of the year, she doesnt go to school, never applied for work and never paid her rent (plus bills). owes jamie a large sum of money. twas her bday last weekend and she had received some money from her dad but shes been avoiding jamie (bills are under jamie’s name) because of the bills. she lies a lot too where she would say that shes expecting checks in her mail, yada yada yada. its been 4 months now and i think its damn inconvinient trying to duck your own room mate. i had the similar experience living with ashley. what ever happened to humanity and principals? with that lack of shame i think she shouldve just get it straight with jamie – “i dont have the money now and i am hoping to get it soon. im so sorry and i really dont mean to dick you like this”. it would have been a lot easier and less inconvinient.



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