bonnaroo 08

the roo was great. not as fun as 06 but it was still max fun. i saw jack johnson on the front row and the height of my roo experience happened when eddie vedder from pearl jam came out and jammed with jack johnson. he asked jack politely if he could dedicate the song to keith who used to work with pearl jam and now working with jack johnson. they played the song constellations and it was awesome.. super awesome. i have some pictures developed and will update more as we go.

im looking forward to have ben fink to write here. i hope this will be fun and a book will one day be written about all this funkiness thats happening around me.

currently im working in nashville on an undisclosed project that will be launched sometime this summer – i cant fuckin wait!! anyways, ive been thinking of the only person that im not supposed to be thinking about and if you’re reading this – you sucked my heart out!!


2 thoughts on “roo-ing

  1. i was going to gush about how cool you look on stage, but then i noticed this picture was heavily photoshopped. ha ha.

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