update on my current roller coaster ride

Life, TrueStory

so, ive been here in nashville for a little over a week now. its still surreal to me but i like it. im still phoneless and machineless tramp from malaysia. therefore ive started my lap top fund. please feel free, dont be shy to donate as much as you can or want. i will come up with some creative way as a tribute to donors. my target is to raise $300 within 3 months and hopefully i can acheive that asap. 🙂

work is fun. working on some coop things but its too early to mention it right here. im still adjusting and looking for some side gig i can get into. and also – a real place to live. currently i am crashing at kyle’s house right on music row. theres a lot of recording studios around here. last night i went to one of the studios (ash street studio) to audition for a local band. i havent jam in a bit and i enjoy the energy and the vibes. cool peeps and so much potential. i love jamming so much to the point that i dont mind too much the genre.

tomorrow i will be house sitting for this cute gal. shes leaving to ethiopia tomorrow morning and i will look after her house, pet and all that jazz. nice person and that should be fun.

i need to get my bike running. got it in the mail last week (while i was at the roo) and put it together 2 days ago and found out that the gear shift thingy isnt working and it was hard to paddle. im still looking through vintage bicycle forums to try to fix it myself. im running low on cash and i still need to pay jasmine. im a clown..

the peak of my roo experience



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