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yaay – we have a new author!! thanks boop, appreciate it.

im so excited about this trip that ive been planning. its called “the last great american roadtrip” in tribute to jack keraouac’s on the road and the electric cool-aid acid test. it will be a hype and pray for our safe journey.

i miss my friends back in PA so much that im thinking of going back to iup for some schooling but i know its not practical. i need to move on and all that bs but i really miss my peeps in PA so bad. i wonder what are they doing and how are they doing. i wonder if kyle is getting a new job and how are they holding up with them kitties. i miss baby momma and courtney and sonya and jamie and ben and linnea and boop and surprisingly howie too! haha..

i miss weber, jasmine, FA, don (sgros), and all those people that i came accross with during my lovely years in PA. i know i always said that i hated it there but i guess its not all that bad. small town can be very chill and laid back. nashville isnt all that big and i kinda feel like im in PA – minus the lilacs.

anyhoo, im holding it here and living it as it is. good people and great energy. wish me luck and all that. thanks!


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