So I’m sitting here in the library basement where I work. It’s a university library, on a saturday, in the summer. And I work in the serials department. As you may have guessed, there is not another soul down here with me so far as I can tell.

I’m feeling oddly emotional today. No, not EMO, but emotional. If you’re reading this then I hold hope that you can empathize. Part of it is probably because I drank way too many cans of PBR last night, but there is definitely underlying things. I’m conflicted. There are things that I want, but it seems that choosing one could rule out the host of others. In my life it seems that all I ever get done doing is just yearning for things that I don’t have. So I’ve decided to try to make a change. Instead I shall want for nothing. I will try to just be happy with what I have available. Easier said than done, however.

I’m going to my niece’s graduation party today. It’ll be nice to see my family. I’ve been neglecting them. But that’s just how things go. It’s all about the ebb and flow. I’m not strong enough to ebb all the time, so I usually let myself get wrapped up in the flow.

*End Ramblings*



One thought on “Ramblings

  1. friend comes and go
    hope ebbs and flow

    hope everything is great on your side
    keep your chin up

    know that you have friends from all over the world that love, respect and miss you

    hug lokee for me

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