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beleive it or not, ive been working from sun rise to sun set today – without even get out of this room – to the point that i lost track of the shit that i did today. and oh yeah, i had a sweet nap in the noon. anyhoo, after it got darker, i went to the mexican fine dining restaurant across the street and had the best quesedia – ever. it rained and stayed in and being boring and now – back to work.

im having fun though and i hope this shit works out. when it does, it will be so sweet its not even funny. im trying to hard to control my excitement – so i wont feel too shitty when shit happens. whatever, i’ll be fine.

id like to thanks naz for zee donation – appreciate it. sending her a handful of hugs and kisses for it and hope to be home soon. me homesiiiiickkkk!!



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