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not to toot my own horn but 7 (maybe 8 ) out of 10 times i jam in a band (or musicians), i would be somewhat better at my instrument then the rest of the musicians. sometimes (most of the times) i would have to put in effort to get things right or to make shit sounds right which i dont mind at all. i look at that as an opportunity to train myself to be more versatile and flexible when playing in a band.

recently, i started to hang out with professional musicians and most of them are around 50s and make a living from music (and successful). they talk about their friends who played for rolling stones for 15 years, alman brothers and REM (they know these bands that i grew up listening to). i had the opportunity to jam with them (art introduced me to mike – one of the best musicians ive jamed with, probably the best) and it was musically orgasmic. i didnt remember when was the last time i feel that way. it was like im in a trance and everybody knew what to play. different instruments would take the lead sometimes and the chord progression just changes and everybody adapt. we had fiddler (lindsay played with bella fleck), flute (mike is super awesome and i really mean it), bass (art is a great bassist), keyboardist, vocalist and percussionist. it was awesome because i dont remember ever jam like that where everybody just adapt to more then 3 chords – EVER!

anyhoo, its kinda hard to explain what i mean here but whatever – im expressing it however i could. im excited about this roadtrip. its kinda hazy but im optimistic about it. i love crazy ideas, they keeps me sane.


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