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recently i got re-connected with frisha farhana ishak. she’s one of my oldest friend and we’ve been friend since…. the 90’s. it was definitely more then 10 years (we met in 95 or 96) and she came to visit me when i got into a nasty accident in 1997. i think i first met her at a summer camp and i had a crush on her friend (who is married now). we emaile each other and chat on irc once in a while (this was in 96). do you guys remember computing in the mid 90’s? i think during that time, computers still have that “turbo” button on them. hehe.. i always thought that was funny.

anyhoo, she got a new job – woohoo.! managing upcoming artist. my friend lorie lappin manage few artists here in nashville. she mentioned something about one of her bands had airtime in malaysia and was thinking about touring there. hopefully i can hook them up and they can do something together.

i beleive that connection are assets because they are definitely a probable future economic benefit obtained or controled by us human as a result of past transaction or event. this coop that im working on focus on connecting the nodes – we are trying to find the demand and hook it up with the supply. we are trying to have a cooperative economy and im sure it will be awesome.

last night i saw the movie/documentary – gonzo. it was awesome and i find it very inspiring. i saw the movie with kyle (ok, he bought the tickets) and we saw tom wolfe on the movie. it was awesome because we are trying to get ahold of him and seeing him in the movie was a sign that we need to get this bus off the ground and on the road!


One thought on “mizz peaches

  1. we met in 1994 my dear. Late 1994. you met me when i was going into a transition in my life (nak pindah masuk skolah baru n stuff). and again dude, we re-connected at a stage where i am going into another transition in my life. how ironic is that? 😉

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