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so the fasting month is coming. it is the month that i have so many memories such as abah, faiz and i makan nasik talam at the masjid. i remeber this one time, the three of us were eating on the same talam with another dude (4 ppl per talam). the other dude was distracted for a second and looked back – faiz just cekup his portion and it was funny as hell. it was too funny and too cute for abah to be upset.

i miss my siblings and my parents the most. i just feel like going home now but for what? i need to call them but i have issues with phone. whatever – i’ll call them soon. i promise.

aarghhh.. i need to focus. this blog is for my experience here and although this emotional venting is good and all that, i need to focus.


2 thoughts on “puasalala

  1. Funky Love…remember when I tried to help you fast?!? You sucked at it! Haha! I miss you. I’m mad at him. I’m unsure what to do next…all very sucky BUT going through your blog has made me smile 🙂
    I’m going to be stopping by all the time…you’ll have to pay to get rid of me!!!

  2. what would i do without you Kehinde. i still have your calculator and i wish you all the fun fun fun-ness in pixburgh 🙂

    i hope to see you soon, take care!

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