none of us were angels

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I had my closure…and more.

It was a good one. Never in my life I had such a satisfying closure with a person. I am happy how the whole thing turned out and how I didn’t give up on reaching him out, trying to understand him almost completely. I am happy that we had that 6-hour talk face-to-face. I am happy how he didn’t chickened out even though it was so hard to get thru him the first hour. How he was completely confused with everything and he questioned life and still looking for an answer. How he said he met an old beggar while giving some loose change in KL 2 months before he met me and that beggar told him he will meet a girl who will turn his life upside down. How he had a few strange and unexplained incidents with random people telling him how his future will unfold. How he thought that all of this was a “petunjuk” coz he has no guidance or whatsoever. How he was angry that most of the things happened is out of his control. But mostly, how in the end he said, “I am happy that we talked this through. I am happy that we will still be here for each other. I am happy that you want this to end on a happy note. And you mattered to me once upon a time.”

Despite the hell that I’ve been through, for what it’s worth, I am happy.

Thank you.

mizz peaches


4 thoughts on “none of us were angels

  1. Happy that you’re happy πŸ™‚ Closure is important… or else your life just hangs and you wonder the whys, what ifs and what could’ve beens.

    P/S: I want my kuih samples!

  2. helo, saya keliru. Adakah ini blog harayz? Atau hanyalah salah satu gimik dari harayz, apabila menyamar sebagai wanita dalam blog?

    harayzz?? abang kat situ ke?

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