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out with the old and in with the new.

am doing just that.

I bought a new handphone a couple of weeks ago. It’s a decent one and i got it a very good price. Plus, I was in a dire need of a new mobile. I stepped into Digital Mall in PJ and suddenly I realized they were having this crazy handphone sale. So yeah, on that spot… i decided to buy one for myself. After a few days of using it… I feel VERY happy with Cliff. Yes… my handphone has a name now. How highschool is that?

Anyways, after the contentment feeling I had. It hit my head, that it has been awhile since I last feel satisfied and at ease.

Just maybe…maybe I do need to replace a few things in my life.

Like for instance, my power adapter for my external hd. It needs to b replaced asap cause Heroes Season 03 is going to be on air starting tomorrow and i am super duper (s)excited about downloading it! Same goes with Dexter Season 03 (it’ll be airing this 28th) …It’s about goddamn time for these shows to return.

My life as it is, is alrdy meaningless. I need a meaning.

Yes, i am exaggerating.

God Bless!

mizz peaches


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