selamat hari raya

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yaaay – i never tot my raya turned up this way. i wore full malay and went to martha’s house. peter and martha was so intrigued by the baju melayu and asked and googled so many things about hari raya. they stepped out for a bit and came back with a looooooooooot of “kuih raya” including the ones that my mom used to buy all the time – royal danish butter cookies (i think thats what its called – its in a round tin container). it was a super lovely gesture until they gave me duit raya in a velvet pouch. THAT WAS AWESOME!!! i havent got duit raya since the last time i spent raya at home – about 4 syawals ago. i cant thank them enough.

spoke to ibu and abah today. i miss them so much and im considering going back and just chill with them for a bit but i know in my heart that when i go back, its less likely for me to go anywhere else. as much as i wanna go home, i would prefer to take the long route and walk home from here through mexico, central america, south america, africa, middle east, india, china, hong kong, cambodia, thailand and home. after that, i would probably be tired of traveling and content.

lindsay is in thailand i think shes coming back here soon. after 2 years of being there, i bet she has something to share with me. im sure she have all this stories to tell me – IN THAI! yes, she speaks thai. im embarrased not being able to speak thai when i spent 24 years of my life right next to it. im proud that she can speak so many languages. she used to be able to speak malay, seriously. i think shes a languafreak <- say hello to the birth of a new word.

anyhoo, id like to wish every soul selamat hari raya (hapy eid) and maaf zahir batin. if i ever did any wrong to anyone, please forgive me because i might not do it on purpose (i dont do sins – not my style :).. and i forgive everyone that ever done wrong to me – not that i remember any. much love and thanks for all the raya wishes 🙂


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