mOOOoooving on

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im pretty much done with nashvegas – we geminis get bored easily (thats why we like psycho-schizo gals) and i think nashville has been super awesome to me. ive stayed with some of the awesomest people ive ever met in my life over here. id like to thank kyle, randall, martha, peter, sunny, hilldo lorie, blair and beloved jamie for being such a great friend, supporter and mentor while im here.. *this is becoming too good-bye-ish for me. im not leaving yet.

anyhow, i think im getting a new phone and my goal is to call my mom more more more more and more. my baby sister will be taking her PMR exam in a few weeks and i am wishing her all the best, love, luck and peace to her – yes, i know.. ive been soft and missing home. at first i try not to think about home too much so i wont be homesick. now i am homesick and i guess there are more then one way to cure this sickness. besides the obvious solution of going home, i think i can develop myself into being creative and productive by traveling and promoting my culture as anak melayu and budak koleq while i slowly head home in my own way.

i heard somewhere – home is where you make it. i disagree and i think, home is where its at.


ps: where art thou lindsay silvera?


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