the power of technology

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i think technology has its pros and cons – just like everything else in this world. recently, i had few discussions with lauralee about technology. shes very much against technology (although she still uses mac, telephone, electricity, water heater, etc) and im for it. it was not an argument – more like a discussion. i agree to most of her argument and she did too but we have differences that we respect.

i used to watch live sports on and its an awesome live stream website. simple and easy to navigate. you can also go on live and broadcast yourself on the website – sort of like stickam but its a lil bit low tech. recently, a 19 year old kid committed suicide on ( and i think thats pretty messed up. its hard to tell if he was trying to get attention or he’s just plain messed up. i think its a bit of both. whatever – i hope it wont happen again on the cyber world. its pretty disturbing to see that. go hang yourself in the basement or something. what an asshole.

technology can also make people take things for granted – like me putting off calling my parents. i love them to death and i would love to call them all the time but i know they are a button-push away from me. also, ive been thinking of going back home – seriously. friends are getting married and stuff (not that i wana get married) made me miss home like whoa. i wanna see them and oh how i wish i cna just go back for the weekend. its ok, my time will come. im having the time of my life right now.


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