the great unclaimed baggae central roadtrip ’08

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last weekend i was invited to join penny and miguel on a roadtrip to scottsboro, alabama. it was the best weekend ive ever had in a while and i say that from a few different spectrum. that weekend, i met lotsa new cool friends and got a buncha stuff from the unclaimed baggae central. it was awesome and im glad i took up the offer.

miguel picked me up at my apt in west asheville around noon-ish and we went to pick penny up before heading down to AL via SC. it was a great roadtrip for many reasons. some of them are because it was not stressful at all. we got lost few times and no one made any fuss from it. we just laugh it out and went, “meh”. i love that attitude and i usually am like that. fortunately penny and miguel had the same attitude too. we clicked and we surfed hard. i love couchsurfing!

was taken in scottsboro, AL

marissa shot this in AL

on tuesday, i drove georgia’s car to nashville to drop bubbie off. he’s been surfing here for almost 2 weeks and we had so much fun. he’s been hanging out with georgia and i really dont know about that. i would not hang out with my parents like i would with my friends. its just too weird. i think parents are in a different wavelength and im not saying that in a negative way, its just different. i love my parents to death and i would give up my kidneys, heart and other body parts for their safety and happiness, but i would never hang out with my dad like georgia did with bubbie, but thats just me and my asian herritage/culture. we have our own way and that does not constitute what is right and wrong.

anyhoo, why did obama had his nipple pierced?…..
a: because he heard that bush had a dick chaney 🙂


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