something young and something new.



it has been awhile since i blogged here. I’ve been quarantined at Malaysia’s National Sports Centre in Bukit Jalil for the past 1 month due to the new TV reality show i am working on. It’s by right the biggest football tv reality show that is going to hit your Malaysian TV this January.  The purpose of this new TV reality show is to find the next teenage football star and give him the opportunity to be able to receive a  short-stint training at Chelsea Youth FC. As a scriptwriter for this show, I try my best not to have any favouritism when writing. You see, these boys are aged between 13 – 16 years old. The problem is, they don’t look 16 at all. Some of them looked as if they are in their early 20’s! What’s bad for me is, I am quickly distracted when I see younger men. Yes.. I tend to lean towards men who are younger than i am.

Due to this fact, I find myself energized to get up in the morning (crew wake up call is at 6am) and stride in my sports attire, march to the football pitch only to “cuci mata” (eye-washing we call it in Malaysia) at these male teenagers warming up and playing footie.

I have friends who tend to make sarcastic remarks such as.. “You’re such a paedophile” or.. “Babes, it’s against the law!” to me whenever I start to put on my sunglasses so that it won’t look too obvious I am enjoying the “view”.

sunnies on...checked!

sunnies on...checked!

What makes it wrong?

Me? Being a female who is attracted to younger males?? Or juz bcoz they are underaged but by physical matters, they’re not at all?

Or it is just sickening to see an older female enjoying her eye-candy moments towards a bunch of school boys sweating on the football pitch?

So to me..yeah..watever. As long as I am looking and ain’t touching these well-built boys; I’m looking at them gives me the “inspiration” to start writing for the next episode.

To the ladies who have the same syndrome as I am… put on your sunnies and just smile!~



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