successful wednesday potluck

Friends, Life, TrueStory

thanks jennifer for hosting a wonderful potluck dinner. nice house, great food and best company. met so many crazy cool people and i love it. makes me wana hit the road – jack kerouac style. i made chocolate brownies with chocolate pudding as the icing. it was ok and im glad everyone liked it.

i think im sick. ive been helping laura lee fixing zak’s (her son) room, putting up drywalls and paint the room. i mightve inhaled too much dust from the dywalls and now i feel like shit. i hate being sick – not good for business. in a weird way, i think im glad. at least i did it for the first time – putting up drywalls and all that construction-ish thing. those are the skills that would probably be useful one day. who knows, in the future someone ask me if i could do that, i at least could say, i did that (although i might not be a pro – hard labor is not my cuppa tea 🙂

all in all (even feeling sick as a dog), i think the potluck was a great time and im looking forward to hike tomorrow. fuck this sickness. i’ll hike it away – far away from this special lil town called asheville 🙂



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