still in nola

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so, i left asheville to go to new orleans with miguel on the 20th feb for the fat tuesday (2/24). i was in new orleans for 2 weeks before got a ride to austin texas with a french dude (who is a close friend now). spent almost a week in atx and head back to new orleans. almost 2 weeks after i got back to nola, i decided to head back to asheville. a dude from atx replied to my rideshare post on cs and he was on his way to atlanta. laura was there for her spring break and she picked me up on her way back to asheville. we spent a night in warren wilson college and head to her parents’ in lenoire to spend a few days there before going on a trip to her uncle’s lake house in virginia. it was an awesome lake house – very pretty and peaceful. it feels tad weird because they are everything that i am not. they are into guns, hunting, college sports, fishing and boating. im into vagabonding, traveling, guitaring, clowning, trouble making among other fun stuff. i had fun anyhoo.

after the lake house weekend, we went back to warren wilson as laura’s spring break was ending. i spent almost another week in asheville before i started to get seizures from not traveling (this is a dramatized version :). kumara messaged me and told me that he had got a job offer in austin and proposed a roadtrip. without even thinking (and trying to be honest), i have decided that i am going. on that friday, i left with kumara on a short and fun mini riadtrip.

we left asheville at about 3pm and it was raining. we were gona go to new orleans and austin texas. i had organized an event at le bon that night and looking at the time, we could never made it on time. we then decided to go to nashville instead. it worked perfectl because i have aretro 1970 free spirit bike that i bought from jamie, being left at randall’s. although i love that bike so very much, i decided that it would be better if i sell it to fuel my travels. it worked out perfectly. kumara and i spent a night at martha’s house and got a good rest to prepare ourself for another almost 20 hours drive before getting to austin.

after leaving nashville, we drove to memphis to check out elvis’ home. it was awesome – not elvis’ home, but the city has so much music and tons of fun. beale street had so much music and fun and music. there, i promise that i had the best (hands down) best best best pizza ive ever had in my life. it was at this random bar while we were entertained by an elvis impersonator. the elvis was bad and we almost bailed on the best pizza in the world. im glad we decided to stay for the pizza. if not for kumara feeling bad about canceling an order, i wouldnt have had that awesome pizza. after that we went to the flying saucer which had a very nice concept. the house band was amazing – maybe that was the reason why kumara and i were kicking every single pool hustler wanabes down there. it was awesome because memphis is pretty much in a bible state and we were the only foreigners that i noticed. im glad mister ong was on my side that night. we then decided to stay a night there in memphis and i had to emergency couch request to folks in memphis. being a nomadic ambassador (and with help from mina – thanks :), we met up with tucker and spent a night at his place.

after memphis, we drove to hot springs arkansas. it was about 2 hours away from memphis and it was so nice. everything is hot spring from the fountains to the bath houses to the drinking fountains. we managed to talk to some locals that they told us that hot springs AK is the only town that is in a national park. awesome. and also, bill clinton is from there. i love that guy 🙂

after the hot springs, we drove almost 10 hours straight to austin texas. kumara droped me off at kyle’s and i spent another week there before heading down to new orleans. its been a trip. i met so many cool people and did some interesting things. i saw few cool ideas that i would really love to try to implement it when i come back to malaysia.

ive been hearing stories from back home. theyre bad stories and they made me sad. i hope and pray for the best because i plan to go back one day. these kuraps (corruptions) is not good for business. theyre making me sick to the bones. i dont know. maybe we need to learn it the hard way.

as for right now, i am still in new orleans. spent a week in the heart of french quarter – dauphine and st peters. i loved it there but i know when to move around. now im staying with kenan in toulane university building. its awesome. i love traveling. this weekend is the french quarter festival and theres gona be lotsa music and tons of fun. i cant wait. much love!


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