another heart is broken

EmoShit, Family, Girls, Life, love, Travel, Weekend

broke up with laura today. its hard for both of us but after what happened last night, i really dont see how it was gona work out. i have a huge feelings for her but sadly, it will never work out. i miss her and i love her. hope she wont hate me forever.

cara and mike picked me up from wwc today (after the break up). they were super good at comforting me and im glad to have them as friends. it turned out that both of them had just ended their relationship themselves (not with each other). anyhoo, we went on the river trail and the weather was perfect for a hike. i was really gona jump in the cold water but i didnt. after that we went to get some margaritas and munch on some kick ass dip for the chips. 

now we are back at cara’s. im gona be surfing here for the next – idk how long but after here, im thinking of DC, iup and nyc before i fly down to zee europa. i cant wait. miss abah, ibu and adik2 so bad. im looking forward to see them and to actually spend some time with them. i cant remember when was the last time we went on a family vacation. it should be fun.


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