sweet caroline.. pom pom pom..

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yes, ive been thinking about the fun times, the travel and the blissful feelings that ive been enjoying for the past 8 months. i dont get dreams that often but recently ive been seeing her everywhere. i got a whiff of her every now and then, and see her in the crowds. i know i sound crazy but who arent. we are all crazies 🙂

im enjoying my time in nyc right now. 2 weeks before leaving for europe. ive been trying to get a ride to go to pittsburgh and its been hard. people are not traveling as much anymore, i wonder why :P.  i know that the economy is doing bad and shit but gas price is still cheap compare to almost 10 months ago. its almost half price (it is half in many states) i think. whatever. maybe im just a flaker magnet.

today is sinco de mayo. back in iup, i used to hang out at the cage and sinco de mayo is the best time to go there. there were lotsa peeps and music and sombrero and fun. i miss it and id love to go back before i leave for europe.

my travel to europe is gona be fun. im calling it a freestyle travelin’ where i really dont have any itinerary and literaly going wherever the wond blows, kinda 🙂 im gona start from london. im excited mostly because im gona be seeing my mom, dad and both of my sisters. i miss them dearly. the last time i saw them was almost 4 friggin years ago. im stoked. 

after london, i hope to meet up with nicolas in paris, or gaddo in milan before driving to the motherland, netherland 😀 id love to go to amsterfuckingdam and see how it is over there. now that i have a laptop, itd be easier for me to couch request and shit. so, thats my crazy tentative plans. hopefully i will be back in malaysia in time for merdeka and i do have plans for merdeka (given that if im in msia).. i would celebrate it my way, the way ive been celebrating it for years (in msia).. stay at home and sleep early. unless if bob dylan comes and play within 100 miles 😉


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