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its been rainy in the big apple and again, i stayed in and didnt do shit. watched tv, read blogs, played poker, read more blogs, research for my eurotrip and suddenly, i felt an urge to be back in asheville. thanks to dave for reminding me of that sweet little town. i went to CS rideshare and found 3 rides to asheville and sent them email – i need a closeur.

so, today is the day – i will be meeting up with nyc couchsurfers. this kind of event always makes me happy. i tried to get someone to go with me but few people told me just to go because there will be people hanging out there and it will be obvious that they are all CSer. 

i got in tuch with a lovely CSer Jacqueline Raposa. she has a blog about healthy foodstuff and shes also really into theater stuff. click here to see her blog, and click here to see her company’s website. she inspires me with all the things shes doing. from her blog, it said there that she has a terminal illness and i will ask her about that when i see her tomorrow. we exchanged emails and from that brief conversations, i can tell that shes a smart and sweet gal. she asked me if i want to go to her friend’s sketch which will cost me $10 but free drinks. i HAVE to take advantage of that.


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