max brenner and such

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today is my last day before leaving for europe. now that im leaving in less then 24 hours, i should start think about packing my shit and look for my passport.

last night, i saw chris helman on the train back to astoria. it was pretty random. we havent seen each other since 2005 and i bump into him in new york city. he was hanging out with emanuel. instead of going home directly, we stop to have a drink right before the last call – around 3:30am.

today, chris joined dushie and i for brunch at a greek diner. i had a great 6oz burger with pickle and tomatoes and feta cheese. it was so good and its makin me hungry (*drools). after the brunch, i went to the city with dushie and met up with charlene and kevin. the last time i saw them was at their wedding in pittsburgh and that was in february 08. we met up at max brenner which is like a chocolate heaven. they even serve chocolate pizza!


the podanys and i

it was awesome. i had dark hot chocolate and charlene shared some mushmellows with melted chocolate of some kind. it was really really tasty. kevin had some chai tea that comes in a fancy tea dispenser. it was a really enjoyable evening. we did lotsa catching up while satisfying our gastronomical desire for chocolate! i think max brenner started in aussie and i thought about starting one in malaysia, but charlene said that people are already doing it back in kl. what do i know, the last time i was there badawi was still sleeping in his office. dont get me started – i heard so many stories and im so upset with msian politics.


kevin and i

we were supposed to meet last week (i think) but we had some communication breakdown and having paupau in the equation doesnt help it neither. i love her to death and miss her lots but i dont think its normal to switch meetup spot from manhattan to flushing. its different if we already made plans to meet in flushing but meh – i love chocolate :). im sending papau my love and warm wishes!

after charlene and kevin left, i met up with julia shindel. she was one of the merry molochsters from the last great american roadtrip. one of the people that was there when i had the best time of my life! we walked around union sq and ended up at revival. took a toke and sam showed up to say goodbye. after she left, julia and i went to upper west side to columbia university peep’s house warming. it got too weird for her and she left. not long after that, it got too weird for me too 🙂

all in all, i had such a great day. all i need to do now is just packing, laundry and look for my damn passport. i cant wait to go. i miss my family and sisters. catch ya on the flip!


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