tie-koleq wednesday

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tie koleqso its wednesday and its that time of the week where old boys wear their tie koleq and be proud of where they came from. i have to admt that i kinda look forward for wednesdays because of this. its a good feeling when people stop you and immidiately know a big part of your background. some older guys stopped me in the street and asked me what house was i in koleq. i answered, “mohd shah” and they asked me, “what batch are you ?”. i told them that im batch 99′. they said that im so young and theyre so old. i smiled and told them that we are all equal – no matter what age we are, because we are all oldboys!

so, ive been slacking with my blog lately. its mostly because ive been super busy with my bands, recordings, work, grant application, weddings, bar searching, sould findings and organizing events. i barely have my own “own” time, if you know what i mean. since i got back, ive been jumping up and down at a lot of things. maybe sub-contiously i am rebeling with my decision to come back but deep down there.. really deeeeeep down there, i know for friggin fact that i made the right decision to come back. i guess i needed that to re-affirm my roots and to remind myself of who i really am. eventually, i know i will be tired with all this routines but for now, im enjoying my vacation from vagabonding.

~fulltime world traveler on a holiday~


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