Hello World: http://www.mysjcc.org


yes, its official. SJCC is now out there in public and we are proud to say that this project is moving forward. however we are facing with a situation now where we might need to find another place to rent. i am determine to rent at the same area (SS19/1) and if anyone out there knows any vacant office space, please let me know asap.

anyhoo, go ahead, try to put it on your address bar and spread it around like its hot. we love the attention and might even make you look good among the opposite sex 🙂 feel free to mention it on your twitter, facebook (link) or even on myspace if you will. the more the merrier.

id like to take this opportunity to thank miguel alva for his generous contribution. we will think of creative ways to show him some token of appreciation. thank miggity mig. ur awesome!

some updates:

  1. we established relationship with the online communities such as USJ (united subang jaya) forum and Subang Jaya facebook group moderator. theres so much to learn from these people.
  2. scouting for a new sweet spot. let us know if you know of one. *has to be cheap though 🙂
  3. almost-a-final-draft of the proposal is available at www.mysjcc.org for your viewing pleasure (public folders > documents)
  4. website is filling up with information
  5. just had 2 volunteers signed up.
  6. met up with a potential corporate partner today. they are very excited about helping out.
  7. dates confirmed for english lessons – an hour on every first sunday of the month
  8. decided that eco-corner/urban faming corner is necessary.
  9. still need more donations and volunteers and informations and publicity!! dont be shy, its for the community 🙂

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