Media Plutocracy Steals Last Great American Roadtrip



Don DonJon, Suspected Godfather of the Bohemian Mafia, Said to Order Hit on NBC Chief Zucker

Chelsea Hotel (MP) –  The Media Plutocrat Jeff Zucker, President & CEO of NBC Universal, is walking in fear of his life these days.  NBC and their British sycophant, BBC Worldwide, have been accused of heisting The Last Great American Roadtrip.  The blatant theft of the property has inflamed DonJon Vonavich, presumed Godfather of the Bohemian Mafia, King of the Hippies and Eccentric Publisher of Moloch the Plutocracy, the owners of the living art project heisted by NBC and BBC.

After finding an organic free range peacock in his bed the morning after the premier of NBC’s Great American Road Trip, a nauseatingly mindless and insulting portrayal of the mystical American road trip experience first chronicled by Jack Kerouac in his seminal novel, On the Road, Zucker refused to heed DonJon’s request to “pull that trash and return the property to it’s rightful owners, the beats, bohos, hobos, hippies, ramblers, wanderers and truckers that own the road.”  Sources claim that DonJon has ordered a hit on Zucker until the program is dropped from the NBC lineup and a “grovelling apology made to my royal counterpart,” referring to the late The King of the Road, Roger Miller.  Although suspected as the Don of the Boho Mob, DonJon is recognized worldwide as The King of the Hippies.

“It is an inexcusable insult to those that gave their life to the road such as Christopher McCandless,” explains DonJon furthur, “I ask you what does a fat redneck eating fried chicken in a plush RV have to do with the sacrifice and mystery of the road life?”  The Great Boho Don and American Roadtrip Impresario denied any connection to the Bohemian Mafia, “I don’t know anything about a mob or threats to this ‘little man with big moronic ideas,'” in a reference to Zuckers sophomoric high school political campaigns.

Apparently the fans of The Last Great American Roadtrip, a honest tribute to the history of the American road, have heeded DonJon’s call to “switch to Bill O’Rielly before watching this asphalt blasphemy.”  Ratings of the program have tanked since it’s second place premiere finish.

Visit MoRoadtrip for more on the adventures of DonJon and The Merry Molochsters.


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