book swapping


we have started collecting books for the SJCC library. although i think we should go for paperless society, there is however a sentimental value in reading real book. its like reading printed newspaper in front of your computer where you can find ANY information that you required (provided if you use the right search strings) but still newspaper gives you (or at least me) certain level of unexplainable satisfaction. really, its not the relevancy but the nostalgic element that made me feel that way.
anyways, SJCC will have a cute lil’ mini library with cool selection of books. we are trying to get asheville book exchange to be our sister center ( and hope that we can somewhat adopt certain element from their values. for instant, i think maybe we should have a book swapping as one of the service/activity. for instance, members can swap books of similar value or based on mutual agreements (eg: my paulo cuelho vs your gladwell’s).
whatever it is, i am glad that we are moving moving moooving!! see you soon!!


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