how exciting!

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last weekend i met this awesome couple that cycled from london to here (malaysia)!!! how crazy is that? on a bicycle.. i oughta do that some day – from subang jaya to johor and all the way to thai border via pantai timur and come down back to lembah kelang. i will do that some day. soon i hope.. seeing their ala-kadar bikes made me think about my old red free spirit. that was an awesome bike.

i miss my traveling days. for the past 6 years ive been backpacking, volunteering, hitch
hiking, basking, couchsurfing and vagabonding (besides
studying and working 🙂 in the states. ive just got
back about 4 months ago and im excited to apply what
ive experienced and learned abroad to make better of
our country and to improve our standard of living.
although this is where i was born and raised, my home
is the journey and i feel the most comfortable being on
the road, off the grid and in the zone.

work is good, community center is great and life is awesome. nothing is real. we just need to do the best that we can given the resources and time that we have. there are abundance of resources and if we better manage is, we can definitely capitalize and profit from it. maybe not in monetary form of profit but by the positive outcome to a community and to our country. our community have abundance of grade A resources such as knowledge, time and money. what im saying is that we should use use these resources in a way that it will improve our quality of life. a neutral and progressive community center would be the best solution to this where it will be made to promote education, awareness and support for the community, by the community. the formation of SJCC will be the beginning of our social reformation and the paradigm shift needed to achieve wawasan 2020.


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