GORO (1)


Last Sunday was our very first event. It was held in Tasik Subang Ria. We chose tasik subang because it was nearby and the perfect spot for our first one. It was sort of an experiment, we were excited and curious to see the outcome and the response we’d get. The feedback we received on Facebook was overwhelming that it almost got us ‘cold feet’. Knowing that it was our first; meetings were held among the committee members in wanting the event to be as organized and smooth sailing.

It was a learning experience when we had to ask for permission and help from the local authorities. Hence we had to write formal letters and call the people who were responsible in dealing with people like us.

Seeing that the tasik belonged to a private company, the local authorities stated that it would be appropriate if we dealt with the company itself and so we did. Luckily enough we were granted permission and help from Sime Darby. That truly was a moment of relief.

On the day of the event around 12 people showed up despite the 80 confirmed members. All 12 of them were close friends. Though disappointed, our spirits we high and we were psyched and excited on commencing with the event as planned.

I have to admit that we did make some changes and made the place even cleaner, as boastful as that might sound.

We finished around 10.30 and headed to the nearest mamak for breakfast. Breakfast was sponsored by SJCC (Subang Jaya Community Center) I would say that all of the committee members of stop littering were also part of SJCC. We headed back home before noon and everyone seemed happy and so we hope they were.

These kinds of events aren’t as cool and hip compared to the conventional ones. But the difference and awareness we are set to create would do good to the people around us and especially to the individual. I’d also that it promotes selflessness that many of us lack these days.

Lastly, we from stop littering and SJCC would like to thank all the participants that we were involved in making this event a success. We hope to do more things that are positive and that promote awareness and love towards Mother Nature.

p.s. be on the lookout for pics and videos.


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