Heir to Psychedelia Empire in Congress


From the Last Great American Roadtrip Archive

Chelsea Hotel (MP) – Zaneford Prankingham Furthurton Kesey III/in a series of XII, heir to the powerful Key-Z psychedelia empire founded by his father, Ken Kesey, has been using his considerable clout in Washington DC to stop The Last Great American Roadtrip.  

Aids to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have confirmed that Kesey’s “creative people in Washington” have drafted legislation to amend the Patriot Act to outlaw any possible adaptation of a bus adventure that could infringe on a “free and open psychedelia market.”  Asked for comment, Pelosi offered, “it is a by-partisan effort to protect the people from fraudulent psychedelia and the terrorist activity that it supports,” adding, “Mr. Kesey is a concerned citizen and we thank him for his patriotism, we feel strongly that the legislation will pass and the American people can crap on their psychedelic toilet seats without fear of supporting the terrorist.”

In a written statement to Moloch the Plutocracy, Kesey demands, “get off ‘our’ bus!”  DonJonVonavich, Eccentric Publisher of Moloch the Plutocracy has responded saying he “cannot comment on anything related to ongoing investigations,” referring to the paternity allegations by Homeland Security. 

Key-Z Productions along with Jerry Garcia Enterprises control the vast majority of the market share for psychedelia and have been accused of pushing independent tie-dyers out of business.  “There is a powerful cartel that controls the tie-dye market and they are ruthless in maintaining it,” claims Tye-dye Mary, “it limits innovation in the psychedelia market; when was the last time you saw a new tie-dye design?”

Asked if the proposed legislation will effect The Last Great American Roadtrip, DonJon retorts, “it will take more than an act of congress initiated by a few acid soaked Plutocrats to stop The Last Great American Roadtrip.”


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