Modernization is elevating,

Modernization signifies a country developing,

Modernization oh so uplifting,

Making these empty people believe in something,

A third world country is now uprising.

Modernization is not what it seems,

Making more money a human instinct?

Conveniently disregarding other living things,

They provide oxygen and essential things,

Taking things for granted…

We destroy the mountains and cut down the trees.

The weather these days are always moody,

My mind and soul constantly uneasy,

Although we come up with alternatives,

Soon there won’t be honeys and no more ease,

Pollutions, congestions and eventual destructions..

Modernization maybe a necessity,

Building skyscrapers, developing new houses,

For centuries now man has been capitalizing,

Demanding more from the hand that gives,

Inviting disasters, contributed by their own hands,

A dark disastrous future is what I see.


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