traffic light SLUMBER party

      A party/dance where you wear colours to show you’re availability. 

   Red = Taken 
   Yellow = Undecided 
   Green = Single
   Guy: Hey babe, wanna dance erotically? 
   Girl: Cant you see that im in red? 
   Guy: No, im colour blind. 
   Girl: Why would you come to a traffic light party if you cant tell what color people are wearing? 
   Guy: ..i wanna fig newton

you are invited to come and spend the whole evening with us at subang jaya community center where we will get the chance to chill, dance, talk, dance, chill, talk, drink, dance, eat, dance, talk and chill. at one point of the night, we will pop in a dvd and have a slumber party / movie night session thingy. 

what to bring?
  • your friends, families and whoever you think might appreciate this event
  • food/munchies for yourself and 2 – 3 other ppl (to share with)
  • sleeping bag or bantal busuk
we will provide:

  • cold cordial drinks (sarsi or rebina)
  • tea (hot)
  • crackers / biskut marry 
door open at 4:20pm, dancefloor open at 8:20pm, cordial drinks will be served at 11:11pm. 

hope to see you there and dont forget to dress up accordingly 🙂



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