CIA Infiltrates The Last Great American Roadtrip



Chelsea Hotel (MP) – In a bold move, the Central Intelligence Agency attempted to infiltrate The Last Great American Roadtrip.  The operation, code named 'GetMo,' was executed by a highly skilled covert operative who posed as an aging hippie looking for a driving gig.  Homeland Security has been seeking Don JonVonavich, Eccentric Publisher of Moloch the Plutocracy, for questioning but have been unable to locate him to date.  

Spokesperson for Moloch the Plutocracy, Harayz de' Funk aka "MoFunky" stated that' "DonJon advised us that Homeland Security might enlist the CIA in covert action to infiltrate or derail the The Last Great American Roadtrip, but they have very few agents trained in 'hippie' and we know who they all are.  We were blindsided by this agent, he was fluent in all aspects of bohemia and cleared our security checks."   

The Last Great American Roadtrip is being promoted by Moloch the Plutocracy and sponsored by the Molocratic Party, who is having it's convention in Black Rock City, NV during the Burning Man Project.  The Molocratic Party is expected to nominate DonJon for their candidate for the 2008 Presidential election, it is unknown if he will accept the nomination.

The Last Great American Roadtrip has stepped up security in the wake of the CIA action and is requiring that all participants have Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips implanted under their skin.  "This may seem a bit Orwellian, but unlike the CIA, we are doing it with the people's permission" claims Mr. de' Funk, "and no one seemed to mind the shock collars to keep them within the 1000 yard parameter of the MoBus."

It is uncertain if DonJon will make an appearance during The Last Great American Roadtrip.

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