DonJon Seeks Wikipedia Immortality


"Wikipedia will drop to their knees and suck our immortal balls," DonJon.

Chelsea Hotel (MP) – DonJonVonavich HRH King of the MOs, referred to as DonJon by his friends and foes, has issued a declaration of intent for immortality on Wikipedia.  Sources close to DonJon confirm that he has instructed his publicist, Harry Martini of Handled Messiahs Public Relations, to "make up shit" to get the next road trip project the Wikipedia stamp of approval. 

DonJon, along with Harazy "MoPhunky" de Funk, Jamie Zoe "Madam Shaman" Givens, and the Chairman of the Molocratic party, Bubbie John Daniel, produced The Last Great American Roadtrip in 2008, the first in a series of "Living-Art On the Road" projects.  Although a critical success with no commercial intent and a large portfolio of creative commons content, Wikipedia editors deemed the entry 'advertising' and rejected it. 

The irony of the rejection is that NBC stole the Great American Roadtrip brand and produced a gut wrenchingly awful reality show with ratings in the tank, but was bestowed with Wikipedia immortality.  "We will not let this happen to The MoBeg'n Tour," claims DonJon, "Wikipedia will drop to their knees and suck our immortal balls."  

Many in the Wikipedia community have expressed fear at the prospects of DonJon's declaration.  "DonJon's Merry Molochsters are a mighty force and their collective will can't be underestimated," states basement WikiEditor Sturgent Wilford, "we hope NBC will pull through with the big money again and maintain the sanctity of commercially funded knowledge."  

DonJon's MoBoho RoadShow – The MoBeg'n Tour will hit the road on Austug 19th for twenty-one days with twenty-one Artists.  The MoBeg'n Tour will travel the American West extemporaneously performing a modern adaptation of The Beggar's Opera, culminating with a week run at the Burning Man Project in Blackrock City, NV.

The MoBeg'n Tour will travel on a vintage 60 foot 1988 Prevost touring coach with travel stage.  The new MoBus will be christened the MoRevenge and hand painted in route.  A troupe videographer will capture the full performances and background activity.  Additionally, each troupe member will have a personal video camera to capture individual content.  As the troupe drives between performance sites they will work with the home support team to locate camp locations and show venues, edit and post video content, and promote the upcoming show.

The MeBeg'n Tour is produced by MoRoadtrip, Inc., a Cooperative Corporation that creates road trip events referred to as "Living Art on the Road."  The projects are developed and supported by teams of shareholder artists and produced, documented and distributed by MoRoadtrip.  All MoRoadtrip projects are dedicated to the development of a Sustainable Cooperative Economy.

To register to join The MoBeg'n Tour

Garbage in Garbage Out- Wikipedia's listing for NBC's vomit inducing thievery:


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