love, life and lust ( just be and flow )

Life, MindWandering


what is it? true that its an emotion of strong affection, compassion, passion and all that shiznits. but are those definitions true to us? just because theyre written somewhere, doesnt mean that its true to us. we define things ourselves and we see things from different set of eyes. a dude once said that love is a gift and that when you love someone, you give them a gift and therefore, one cannot demand for a gift – that would be weird (but not in msia where politicians sometimes ask for gifts 🙂

“..loving somebody dont make them love you” – jack johnson

this concept that love as a gift is super awesome and i think really satisfy my quest to find what love means to me. when loving someone is like giving a gift, the giver cannot expect something in return – its a gift. when i love someone or something, i really dont expect anything back but just the other thing (or person) be and flow. love is pure and should not be mistaken or be mixed with sex, greed or power. when we love X, we should want the best for X. eg: if i love my 1999 fender stratocaster so much and if a collector said that it would buy and take cares of it for me, i would let it go not because of the money but because the guitar will be better off in a collection where it will be kept and maintain. have you ever love somebody so much that you see the best thing for them is not to be with you? have you ever let them go because you know they will be better off with the other person? or even more extreme, have you ever pretend to hate them or purposely drive them out of your life for their own good? i have and it hurts for a bit but really feels good because love should not serve ‘self’.


its damn short fo sure. too short in fact. enough challenges if u find em and abundance of happiness to be found. people complains about their life – yadda iadda woaiadadalala~… i always tell em to get over it or end it. when i feel to be more politically correct, i tell them to be happy by stop whining. not to say my life is any better but if i die now – i know i have at least live and i dont mind. the reason why people are whining about their life is because of money. it creates an illusion of scarcity when in fact, we have abundance of resources. imagine, how do we in 2010, still have people dying of hunger or dying of diseases that are so avoidable such as TB and shit? that is because there are someone or something that love money more then humanity. they need to get over it and start living life which will make them more of a human then people.

to me, life is like a sandbox. remember how we felt when our parents / guardians brought us to the playground? how we see challenges in monkey bars, those rope that looks like spiderwebs, swings, seesaws, slides, etc? to me, life is always as exciting and we are faced with challenges. why do we sigh on challenges now? what happen to our enthusiast and thirst for challenges? well, let me tell you why. its the money! printed on fancy paper using fancy ink and fuck – greed is good, but not money.


nothing lust forever. hehe

lust to me is necessary. to me it cud be naughty, playful and fun where lust is sort of like a foreplay. if nothing last forever and nothing is real, lust is the exact reason to live. lust can be very good because it can be a motivation and it could make this life a little bit better. if use properly, lust can make us stop thinking of bad things about others and start looking at the best in them.

fuNk me. needs to start writing again. meh.. lets get some tacos!

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