EmoShit, Friends, Life, TrueStory

ok, the title might be a tad misleading but i was sick as a dawg for the past 3 – 4 weeks and also, i feel very much loved at the same time. weird coz immediately before i fell sick, something sucky happened to me where i got ripped off by a friend, stabbed in the back (not literally) and lost a little faith in myself. what happened was that i introduced a businessman with a potential client who happened to be a friend of mine (or so i thought) with the understanding that i will get a very small cut out of the deal. my options were..

  1. be the middleman and rip as much profit as i could
  2. let the opportunity slide – though i saw the high potentials
  3. introduce them to each other and negotiate a small profit on their first deal (introducer fee)

being the fuNky that i am, by trying to get the most with the least effort – i opted the last option with a very high hope that i made the best decision not only to the most parties, but in my initial decision in selecting a handful of soul that i call friends. sure enough, they became friends and i was left high and dry.

on the same exact week, i asked a favor from a friend to pick me up from the city. this was the same exact person that i helped years ago when i picked his drunk ass from a club after he begged/asked me. with an immature assumption that he would do the same to me, i stopped preparing for my big exam the next day and drove 40 mins just to pick him and few others before bullshitting the rest of my chance to prepare for my exams.

but the universe was not being all that cruel to me. ive met a lovely las that made me smile. all the troubles seemed so… meh ❤


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