community activism in malaysia


In Malaysia where the people are too busy catching up with the economy rather then spending time on community or charity activities, we are seeing an extremely low participation in our non-profit effort. Lack of manpower is threatening our effort in promoting education, awareness and support. General/operating grants will enable us to employ several fulltime staffs to run administrative and other important tasks in order to promote volunteerism and community participation in Malaysia. This is an important steps in taking any endeavors relating to NGO’s where community must be organized to provide check and balance to the governments while securing national prosperity and harmony.
When volunteering and community service activities are not observed for any reason, there will be less transparency and accountability by the government. Grant money will provide means for the “volunteers” and they can focus and not worrying about putting food on the table. Unlike developed countries, Malaysians are lacking in community awareness and interest to participate in these area are low due to external factors such as economy, inefficient public systems (especially transportation) and the presence of inequality in many areas.
By having dedicated staff, more focus can be spent on areas that matters, instead of trying to get volunteers and telling people why is it important. Dedicated staff will also improve organizational efficiency and amplify our effort in other areas such as running awareness campaigns, hosting free seminars for unemployed graduates and raising funds to be financially sustainable.


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