ECO (eco compliance & operations) guidelines on BS901 standard

BS901, video

Statement of Eco Compliance 
1. Scope of Compliance are as follows:
   a) Pre-event
   b) during event
   c) Post event

2. Parameters of conformance includes:
      i) + Total travel distance (people, garbage & logistical items)
     ii)  –  Discarded items used for the event
    iii)  –  Amount of used cooking oil collected

3. Guidelines for participants
     a) compliance checklist
     b) carbon footprint calculator
     c) personal impact assessment

External Assessment of Compliance

Auditor will be appointed in monitoring, measuring and evaluating the level of conformance to sustainability.

Sustainability Risk Analysis

Guidelines for the sustainability risk analysis will be based on the KPIs and other info provided.

List of Direct Stakeholders

Direct stakeholders are those who will be on site or delivering items there such as:
  i) vendors / suppliers
 ii) production krewe
iii) visitors

Team Assessment & Internal Audit

a) event preparation
b) event delivery
c) cleaning up process

ECO Performance Indicators

Below are Key performance indicators in relation to Eco Compliance & Operations of ecopalooza as a measure to the degree of the sustainability event in terms of environment, social and economic impact.
 a. cooking oil collected
 b. public transportation
 c. pledges 

Individual Feedback & Data Captures

Visitors/participants/volunteers will be rewarded for filling in this feedback form.

“ecopalooza is solutionary”

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