constant reducation


It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop.

Wisdom of Confucius


 watched a video and it made me think about that quote by rene descartes – i think therefore i am.

not long ago, i came across another nice quote that goes something like this:

Thinking is for doing.

[… or maybe it was knowing but i like thinking better.. ]

if one can only be when they think (ref: rene d) and since thinking is for doing… therefore, those who knows and not doing anything will never get it. sometimes, it does not matter why you do the things you do or how you do it and where and when… but as long as you are doing the shiznits that you do – then and only then you are who you are.

maybe its good or maybe its bad but life is just too short to be fuNkin around. Its always good to be in the maslow’s penthouse. yes, shit do happen but when it does, shit better be in the toilet yaw~



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