Biro Sukan, Sosial & Kebudayaan


With permission & blessings from Councillor Rajiv and current members of the JKP Zon 1 MPSJ, these are some action & directions that can benefit our community. Comment & suggestions are welcome but please dont let this matter distract your attention the the current issues at hand.

  • i would like to propose that a sub-committee (as tabled on June 13th) be formed bearing the name in the subject matter ( Biro Sukan, Sosial & Kebudayaan JKP Zon 1 MPSJ ). Any disagreement can be discussed on our next JKP meeting.
  • To any JKP members who are interested, please email me the following:
  • Day of month (ie: 3rd Sunday) most suitable for meeting
  • List of your potential contribution (ie: experience, influence, skills )
  • Which one interest you most ( sukan and/or sosial and/or kebudayaan )
  • Though the titles are not yet set in stone, the following are tentative event, program & activities that i hope to mobilize on behalf of our JKP:
    • Event: Berbuka Bersama Jiran Tetangga ( Prpgram Iftar Zon 1 MPSJ )
    • Program: Pasukan Bolasepak Penduduk Zon 1 MPSJ  ( July – wording it out, August – selection process )
    • Activity: 3rd Sunday Social ( Monthly Potluck & Movie Night )
    Assuming there is no objection on this motion, below are some guidelines that should govern this Sub-Committee and hopefully interested parties can meet before the next JKP meeting in order to pick up some traction. 
    1. The Chairman of the proposed Sub-Committee must be among the current JKP Zon 1 MPSJ members.
    2. With exception of the Sub-Committee Chairman, the top 3 position must be among the current and/or past JKP members.
    3. With exception of the top 3 position, proposed Sub-Committee members must have at least 3 members who satisfy the following:
      • Never sit in any of the JKP in MPSJ and Selangor
      • Resides in Zon 1 MPSJ for at least 10 years 
      • Not in or an ex-officio of any political parties
    Should you know anyone who are suitable to be in the Sub-Committee who are not in JKP ( refer to above item #3 ), please get them to contact me.
    Thank you for this opportunity for me to join you in shaping my neighborhood, my community and my future. 

    Hang Jebat

    //there is no movement without friction.

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