Community Safety & Security


Joe Singh,
Good to see you at Baitulfiqh last night and your passion for our neighbors safety concern are inspiring. If i may, i would like to share with you on several things that i would like to see happening in our neighborhood. People from MPSJ and even the police might live here in Subang Jaya but rarely call this place theirs. The lack in sense of belonging to this area may come as a burden to them where for us, its responsibility and commitment to the community.
As the chairman of the local community policing, you are in the position to extract valuable data which can be plotted, analyzed and churned into useful information.  For example, statistical data on crimes reported and its location can easily be made public (in our case – to our zon 1) as a documentation which can be used as precautionary measure for our neighbors to consider. There had been an attempt such as this map (of IPPD Subang Jaya) but it is not set up for collaboration which can be great like this map made of the acid splashier attacks. Below are summaries of different stuff that i believe could make a substantial impact with little to no cost at all. Please consider the cost/benefit of them and feel free to critic, comment and advice on them.

Education – to nurture future crime fighters 

Awareness – empower our neighbors with tools such as knowledge and information

  • monthly workshops that raise awareness on matter such as our individual rights, existence of MyDistress or the different roles that our neighbors can take towards this effort.

Support – to enable any effort or interest that are relevant to the cause

  • framework or catalyst to get out information out ( my attempt to create one ) which can be as simple as notice board at the SS 17 Pusat Kitar Semula.
In order to deploy the options above, these are some suggestion of implementing strategies for your perusal:


 ie: fundraising and awareness campaigns along with the subang police


ie: special talk to the kadet polis in the 3 secondary schools in our zon 


ie: monthly potlucks to encourage interactions with others of similar agendas

Your reputation in the community will bring credibility to these ideas and hopefully more people will take part in keeping our neighborhood safer. With your wisdom & my determination, Subang Jaya can be a better, safer and resilient community. See you soon and take care~
hang jebat

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