Smart Ranger & Office Kami

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Below are the two main things i would like to put up here for documentation purposes.
This is the future of working environment~

On behalf of the Subang Jaya Youth Club, I would like to express our interest to being
included in your Members ( Communities ) list. We are based in Subang Jaya at the
colorful building next to NPE, called Kompleks 3C MPSJ. As a non-profit that is also a
non governmental organization, we face financial challenges and the lack of other 
resources too. Fortunately, we see it as a challenge instead of obstacles where we find
out that creativity and diplomacy can be great resources. We also believe that more of 
resources might not be better then being resourceful. 
Personally, i’ve been following Zeitgast and the idea of Resource Based Economy has
always been appealing to me. My intention is to build a relationship with you, naturally
by co-organizing and collaborating on grass root levels. For instance, promoting urban
farming and the approach of being resilient as a community for the preservation and 
self reliant. For that, we have the physical resources but not the experience and as a
youth based organization, we face stigma and discrimination from the adults groups.
We look forward to hear from you and have a great festive season. 
Selamat hari raya~


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