This morning, i saw Gopi’s email:

Hi harayz, how are u? Gopi here for your info the dbkl has close my business can u help me to meet yb raja nong chik please urgent tq……

Tweeted to RNC (Raja Nong Chik)

@RajaNongChik my friend and his wife are your constituent n we wud like to meet u for a quick minute. hope this get to u in time n health.tq

And sent him a facebook message:

Kehadapanr Raja Nong Chik yang selamat sejahtera hendaknya. Wishing that you are in the best of health and in great spirit in facing all the challenges that we face as a muslim, malay & malaysian~
my friend and his wife have been trying to meet you – they are older folks and i hope that my attempt to reach out to you via social media outlets (tweeted to you as well) will bear some fruit. 
gopi and his wife are your constituents and they would like to meet you to address their grievance which i promise that it wont take too much of your time. 
we look forward to your respond and sincerely, i am


————————————–  end ——————————-
hope all is ok with gopi and it’d be awesome if RNC would get back to me. gopi is such a chilled out guy and i get good vibes of him. whatever it is, i wish that it will be taken care of soon. 

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